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“Light of Convergence” is a proposed concept to undergird the Aurora New Media Arts Festival to be held Dallas, Texas October 18, 2013. “Light of Convergence” illuminates the dichotomy between the individual and the greater whole and our increased awareness and understanding of it. Massive and accelerating changes in technology have impacted the way individuals approach their various disciplines. “Light of Convergence” seeks to reveal common creative and social awareness shared by members of communities as diverse as the arts and sciences, even the commercial world. This communal realization of improved interactional efficiencies can also reveals a potentially darker side. Without a sense of balance, our newfound ability to access and impact the greater whole can also result in unintended consequences.

Contributors will be asked to consider how their creative voice and perspectives reflect, contribute and influence society at large, and vice-versa. Large-scale video projections, performances and a variety of site-specific, multi-media installations will highlight the concept.   Artist submissions must be using one of the following mediums within their new media work and installation:   Light, Video, and or Sound.

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