Aurora is a free and public contemporary art exhibition centered in the 68-acres Dallas Arts District. The expansive and immersive exhibition presents interactive light, video, performance, and sound artworks in exciting and unexpected public spaces.

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Anna Russ

Immersive and Engaging

Aurora is a platform for intersecting the local community with national and international artists in a way that is both compelling and personal.

I’ve been living in Dallas for 9 years and never have I been to a cooler event than Aurora

The Dallas Morning News

Every two years, downtown Dallas is transformed into an open air, urban playground of new media art: light, video, sound, performance, and projection on an unprecedented scale. The immersive exhibition showcases work by a confluence of local and international artists, selected by a team of established curators.

It reshaped for the tens of thousands of people how art can be experienced, and demonstrated that the Dallas Arts District can be the perfect setting for events of this scope and scale.

Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor

Aurora is the brainchild of artist Shane Pennington, spearheaded with co-founder and artist Joshua King, and co-founder Veletta Forsythe Lill.