Andy Graydon & Pete Bjordahl: Proximate Park

Sound installation

‘Proximate Park’ is a sound work for automobile stereos and underground parking structure. Two cars circulate through the garage emitting tones and noises that interact psychoacoustically as they move in relation to each other and with the space’s extreme reverberations. Inspired by the frequency experiments of American composers from LaMonte Young and Alvin Lucier to Phil Niblock and Maryanne Amacher, Proximate Park explores the borders between public and private, and between presence and absence, in one of the most iconic yet banal spaces of American car culture.

To see at
Silver Lexus Parking

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Andy Graydon and → Pete Bjordahl are long time collaborators whose connection reaches back to a common environment. Raised on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the pair share interests in ecology, urbanism, media art and architecture that grew from their common experiences in the social and environmental context of the islands.


Based in Berlin and Cambridge, MA, Graydon’s solo practice focuses on sound and installation art, which he exhibits internationally. Recent exhibitions include the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; The Honolulu Museum of Art; The Frye Museum of Art, Seattle; and The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Bjordahl is the founder of Parallel Public Works, a development and design studio with a special emphasis on the interaction of technology and public space. Bjordahl is also the owner of Parallel Public Lab, a presentation and work space for exploring multidisciplinary projects that bridge art installation and traditional spatial and media design.

Photo above: Copyright Casey Reid. Photo below: Copyright Josh Blaylock

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