Ange: Mood Swinging


For the past year Ange has created a daily photographic vignette in which she is both creator and vector of the image and its story. The work evokes feeling, provokes thought and smokes convention. The work can be seen as visual poetry, and the vignettes as optical potions.

To see at
The MAC Ceders
1601 South Ervay Street, Dallas 75215
Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015; 3pm – 12am

As an artist, → Ange seek to express collective traumas and elations through a conceptual mise-en-scene. Ritual and isolation are important elements of the practice, as personal experience is the epicenter of the creative process and the unfolding subject of the image. Wordplay and language also play a role in her pieces, usually serving to highlight the humor or drama of a situation.


The creative process helps her to galvanize her chronic romanticism with the protective zinc of intuition. Inspiration can be anywhere: a place, another human, an emotion or a dream. A fine line between conscious and subconscious life, her imagination never sleeps. Ange believes in embracing that kind of mystery. She feels that her subconscious curiosity is a puppeteer; that she is the medium for a larger collective.

The ultimate goal of the work is to remind the audience about the complexity of human emotions, as we live in a time of emotional disconnection— ironically, considering the reach of social media. The work can be seen as hypersensitive and feminine, and the images interpreted as love letters that allow Ange to unfurl and transcend herself.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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