Art Conspiracy: Alternate Views


We live in the most documented society in history. What if you could enhance contemporary social media norms with an immersive journey into movement and sound? Instead of a 3″x3″ selfie or the instant video experience, the viewer becomes the focal point of an expansive installation. ‘Alternate Views’ offers an experience that can be seen from multiple vantage points.

Through the use of sight, movement and sound the installation plays on the human reaction to self-perception and interactivity. The work becomes the reality and filters back an altered truth.

To see at
AT&T Performing Arts Center

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Art Conspiracy is a team of 35 creative minds filled with doers, and dreamers that do. The organization is in its 11th year and continues to stretch the boundaries of what defines it. Along the way, conceptual design, visual creation and creative build projects have become a part of the process.


The concept team behind ‘Alternate Views’ is Rick Fontenot, Mike Arreaga, Jonathan Rudak, Tramaine Townsend and Erica Felicella.

Photo above: Copyright Scogin Mayo. Photo below: Copyright Cilla Sutfin

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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