Delia Gonzalez: In Remembrance


‘In Remembrance’ is a 16mm experimental dance film that embodies the lyrical trance of Ballet accompanied by a minimal piano composition. Both the ballet and piano piece are composed and choreographed by the artist. Like an invocation in ritual magic it is about channeling the spirit of dance through music. Influenced by a Henry Miller text where he strives to go back to a world that is brighter than the one we live in, the world which is our inheritance, the piece invokes the tradition of metaphysical channeling, hoping to recreate a hypnotic state amongst its listeners. The film score investigates the possibility of retrieving authentic spiritual experiences from contemporary music. Rooted and inspired by Afro-Latin religions, which syncretize all manner of cultural materials to represent and channel the power of deities, which represent elemental, natural energies, the film poses the question of whether music can be used as a substitute for these forces.

To see at
Dallas Museum of Art

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Dallas Arts District

Delia Gonzalez, born in Miami, is a Cuban American artist who lives and works between Berlin and (currently) NYC. Working on a variety of mediums – film, drawing, music, performance, sculpture – Gonzalez’s work constructs a world through film and music that encompasses the curving circular times, carrying the viewer through organic and celestial worlds.

She has exhibited widely in the Europe and the United States at venues including but not limited to The Migros Museum, Zürich; Kunsthalle Graz, Wien; Ursula Blickle Stiftung Kraicht-Unterrowisheim, Germany; Folksal Gallery Warsaw, Poland; Museo Artium, Vitoria, Spain.

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