Francine Thirteen: 4 Marys & The King

Projection/live music

King Cain sits on the throne
He claims to rule alone
But if the 4 Marys left his court,
He’d wither down to the bone

This project is one that belongs to the metaphysical, musical, and technological worlds. Using feminine archetypes, ‘4 Marys and The King’ explores the potential we all have to dismantle the seemingly indestructible paradigms that threaten harmonious life. The Marys are not just women, they are also the four elements. The King is not just a man, he is also a system. Using projections and live music production, ‘4 Marys and The King’ brings to life a musical genre Francine Thirteen refers to as Ritual Pop.

To see at
AT&T Performing Arts Center

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Francine Thirteen landed from Venus in Dallas, TX, where she began her earthly life. She is a proud Libra. Thirteen has been creating and singing since she can remember. She is heavily influenced by nature and by the magic of archetypes. Using unique choreography and visual projections, Thirteen seeks to create transformative live performances. Her forthcoming debut album has been innovated in a style that she calls Ritual Pop.


Photos: Copyright Michael Nguyen

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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