Inside Out Collective: Nothing Stays Put

Interactive spatial sculpture/motion graphics/video

‘Nothing Stays Put’ disturbs the boundaries of the solid, stationary, man-made environment and the eternal motion of our individual and communal experiences. From a viewer’s perspective, the structure encourages participants to walk through a series of architectonic structures while encountering experimental video. Sculpturally inspired by the ideas of Sven Hesselgren in Man’s Perception of Manmade Environment and the artwork of Robert Morris, the piece blends the tropes of painting/materials and video/digital art within an invitational space. The illuminated visuals and the title of the piece respond to the Amy Clampitt poem.

To see at
Zhulong Gallery

The Inside Out Collective is formed by Lauren Cadieux, Alison Jardine and Liz Trosper.

Lauren Cadieux is an artist melding traditional mediums with theoretical and applied digital and architectural explorations. Her practice involves singular work as well as collaborative public installations. Cadieux currently lives in Dallas,Texas and is also a designer at 5G Studio.


Liz Trosper Taylor is an artist exploring the exigencies of contemporary painting. Trosper Taylor is an Master of Fine Arts candidate in Art and Technology at The University of Texas at Dallas and was a graduate student-in-residence at CentralTrak: The UT Dallas Artist’s Residency from 2013-2015. Trosper Taylor lives and works in Dallas, Texas.


Alison Jardine is a British artist now living and working in Dallas. Her work is multidisciplinary, juxtaposing new media installation, traditional drawing and painting materials, building materials and post-production items, all with an interest in the friction between the remembered, the imagined and the sense of self.
She has studied at the University of London (Bachelor of Arts), University of Texas at Dallas (graduate studies in Art & Technology), and the College of Visual Art & Design (CVAD) at the University of North Texas at Denton (MFA).


Photos: Courtesy of Zhulong Gallery

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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