Laserist Tom Harman: Inspired by Dali

Visual Installation

Visual Artist and Laserist Tom Harman viewed a unique line drawing used by Dali in the creation of his artwork, while visiting the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. This piece of art will be recreated for the first time, using four high intensity multi-colored laser projectors supplied by Mr. Harman’s company LaserNet. The intricate alignment of the laser beams will be featured in various colors. In addition to the Dali pattern, Harman will also create a variety of patterns of his own design. ‘Inspired by Dali’ will have its world premiere at Aurora 2015.

To see at
AT&T Performing Arts Center

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

‘Laserist’ Tom Harman has been installing and performing laser light shows all over the world since 1976. Throughout his career, it is easily estimated that millions of people have witnessed his visual artistry.

Whether on live television, music festivals, music videos, or in person at the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, Laser Tom continues to stretch the boundaries of laser technology. The ‘Inspired by Dali’ project marks the first time Tom Harman has focused his visual artistry on the Dallas Art District for Aurora 2015.


He is a founding member of the International Laser Display Association and a founding member of the South Florida chapter of International Special Event Society. In 2013, Mr. Harman received the Career Achievement Award from the International Laser Display Association.

Photos: Copyright Scogin Mayo

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