Mari Hidalgo King: Valley of the Giants


Each piece in this installation is usually seen individually. So with this rare opportunity, the artist chose to assemble a collection of these unpredictable air giants to ignite laughter, joy and unity in all the viewers lucky enough to rally with the ‘Valley of the Giants’ for one night. The piece serves as an homage to the majesty of the Redwoods, which impact the soul no matter how brief the encounter.

To see at
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

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Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Mari Hidalgo King is a first generation Puerto Rican-American, with a passion for exploring projects that involve textile manipulation and if there’s a tight percussion jamming, her hips will be moving. She grew up in a house where anything that could be sewn into existence, was and that has had a great influence on her work. If you need it, just make it.


With a deep background in fashion design, her art aims at representing a unique perspective & custom-designed approach.

Hidalgo King studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design and worked for design houses, which include Donna Karan, Proenza Schouler, Jon Varvatos, and locally with Koch collection. Presently, she works as a Fashion Stylist for Sisterbrother Mgmt., designs clothing for her private clients and is currently working on her newest brand offering. Hidalgo King enjoys working in Dallas and contributing to Dallas’ talented design/advertising/arts community.

Photo above: Copyright Casey Reid. Photo below: Copyright Scogin Mayo

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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