Matthew Jensen: You Are The Center of Something

Light Installation

‘You Are The Center of Something’ combines light, text and the act of seeing to create a personal experience while walking in a public space. Everyone who traverses the installation will see a perfect 360-degree rainbow surrounding their shadow, not unlike halos that occasionally appear around the sun. The experience derives from walking in urban landscapes and is the embodiment of many ideas, both scientific and spiritual. The installation is a combination of affordable, utilitarian materials and sunlight, which makes it accessible to neighborhoods and parts of the world where positive affirmations are desperately needed.

To see at
St. Paul United Methodist Church


Matthew Jensen’s work combines walking, history, discovery and collecting. His practice brings special attention to the experience of landscape, particularly public space. Jensen has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brandywine Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art and Yancey Richardson Gallery among others.


His series ‘The 49 States’, also about light and place, will be on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art this November. Jensen teaches at Parsons/The New School and SUNY Purchase. He received his MFA from the University of Connecticut and BA from Rice University.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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