Ofri Cnaani: ⌘D (Command+Duplicate)


‘⌘D (Command+Duplicate)’ is a participatory performance where artist Ofri Cnaani will be creating personalized one-of-a-kind Xerox pieces, made from visitors’ belongings and collected ephemera, using the artist’s own ad-hoc photocopying and projection station. For Aurora, Cnaani is building a special collection of small items, contributed by various members of the Dallas community: students, senior citizens, as well as downtown residents and employees.

The visitors are invited to pick an item from their personal belongings and two others from Cnaani’s collection to be included in a customized image created especially by the artist for them. A copier will record the final image projected on the wall, producing a paradoxical, unique copy on paper that will be signed by the artist and given to each participant.

To see at
Dallas City Performance Hall


Ofri Cnaani is an artist and educator. Cnaani’s solo exhibitions and performances include: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; Israel Museum in Jerusalem; PS1/MoMA, NYC; BMW Guggenheim Lab, NYC; The Fisher Museum of Art, L.A.; Twister, Network of Lombardy Contemporary Art Museums, Italy; Kunsthalle Galapagos, NYC; Andrea Meislin Gallery, NYC; Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv; Pack Gallery, Milan; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel; Herzlyia Museum of Art, Israel.

Aurora2015_Ofri Cnaani_Command+Duplicate_1

Group exhibitions include: Moscow Biennial; The Kitchen, NYC; Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Arnolfini Foundation Museum, Bristol, UK; Tel Aviv Museum; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Prague Triennale.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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