Patrick Romeo: CamoYou


‘CamoYou’ is a personal response to the rampant stereotyping and racism seen in modern western media regarding Islamic people. By robotizing the main character, we see the homogenization of the Islamic Woman, a figure of both potential danger, and also a seemingly subjugated population that the western world needs to “protect” from the misogyny of “Arab Men.” The choice of RealTree camouflage as a garment and background subverts the traditional garb of the “Rural Racist’s Wife,” a feminized hunting apparel that furthers the allegory of the “Western Man” hunting the “Arab Man.”

To see at
Flora St, intersection Pearl St

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Patrick Romeo is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist, currently based in Dallas, TX. He is a Dallas native, by way DC, Arizona, Eastern Europe, and Mexico. His creative work is most heavily involved in reclaimed and found materials, electronic and illumination sculptures, conceptual installations, net art, alt-lit poetry, and digital modeling and fabrication.

Romeo often seeks to redact or adapt functionality by substituting and morphing intended utility for his own ends. His conceptual goals tend towards the mixing of the profound and the mundane, making sense out of a schizophrenic world of modern technology and the social issues that plague our psychological universe.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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