Ricardo Càstro: Hora Mágica


‘A Hora Mágica’ is a video filmed in Rio de Janeiro, in which a series of experiments are carried out, where triangles function with devices rebounding and making solar light diverge and fraction, a central element for the existence of life. In a rocky natural landscape, swept by the seas – not by chance the space where the planet’s first living beings emerged -, Castro positions characters that interact with the environment, beings that seek to control such essential and unknown sources of energy. In this scenario, the primitive attributes of humanity – its very body, live alongside the elements of material and immaterial culture produced by our society, which directly confront the greater force of nature and its divine characteristics. From this plurality of forms, actors and elements, quasi science fiction elements emerge from a tribe that feeds on light.

To see at
Harwood St between Flora St & Ross St

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Ricardo Càstro is a Brazilian artist, living and working between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Artist Statement:
“I send waves of tenderness through my body
I open my heart to the experiment of blending my energy with life’s unpredictable flow

Receptivity is a SUPERPOWER”


A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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