A collection of organic and photographic projections of Hi-resolution “GOBOS”. Gobos are small glass discs that are custom made utilizing dichroic thin-film optical coatings that are deposited on glass in a High-Vacuum chamber. The thin-films are then patterned with an etching process to generate micron sized pixels. This allows the mixture of colors and defined lines to reveal the original image. The gobo is then placed in an imaging projector and that image is then magnified and projected on a surface.

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AT&T Performing Arts Center

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Dallas Arts District

Emmy® award winning developer → Rick Hutton brings a kaleidoscope of talent as evidenced by the achievements of more than 35 years in the entertainment lighting and laser industries. He has authored several USA and International patents for revenue producing products including patents in gobo, optical and projection gate technologies. In 1994, Hutton was awarded a Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.


Prior to this, he toured as a lighting designer with a variety of bands in the 80’s and early 90’s. This combination of creativity, technical expertise and hands on practical experience, combined with a passion for optics and laser technology lead to the creation of Projection Technologies Corp, the parent company of InLight Gobos. Hutton and his crew have manufactured thousands of custom made gobos used in all kinds of applications ranging from wedding monograms to the Olympics.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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