Ryan Whittier Hale: Undulating Landscape


‘Undulating Landscape’ presents the viewer with a churning landscape that exists somewhere between liquid and stone. Through this beautiful, yet desolate world, Ryan Whittier Hale raises his concerns about the ever growing dependency on technology in our lives. He questions how much we should be investing emotionally in these virtual realities, and wonders in what ways technology nurtures intimacy and human connection or acclimates us to empty synthetic existence.

To see at
Nasher Sculpture Center

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Ryan Whittier Hale manipulates photography and video through digital collage, 3D animation and computer game engines. After exhibiting extensively in national and international group shows and solo projects alike, this show brings together a great variety of the artistic output of Hale’s studio practice including  brand new work built using game development platforms.


The artist’s work challenges our interest in fostering deeper connections to an ever advancing synthetic existence. He questions, how much are we willing to invest emotionally in these virtual worlds and beings? And, to what extent can they reciprocate intimacy and become a replacement for reality? Hale’s uncertainty is depicted through uncanny mannequin like beings inhabiting hollow, virtual landscapes that defy materiality and demystify the illusion of space and form they present.

It seems inevitable that we will become more and more attached to using avatars, that serve as surrogate selves to simulate and mediate human interaction. Hale’s work questions if as a result we’re becoming too comfortable in acclimating to a reduced intensity of human intimacy. Through a multidisciplinary approach Hale further develops these ideas as a way of testing the boundaries that exist between these two worlds.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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