Scenocosme: Urban Lights Contacts

Interactive sound/light installation

In a sensory staging, spectators’ bodies are transformed into sonorous human instruments. When the first person puts his hand on the shiny ball, his body becomes reactive to other living bodies. When that same person is alone, there is no reaction. She/he must invite another person to touch her/his skin. Each touch generates variable sounds and lights which evolve according to the proximity of the electrostatic contacts and of the spectators. The artists want to provoke and to overturn degrees of proximity that we use in our relationships with known or unknown people.

To see at
AT&T Performing Arts Center

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt are two artists who work together under the name → Scenocosme. They mix art and digital technology in order to find substances of dreams, poetry, sensitivities and subtleties. They also explore invisible relationships with our environment: they can feel the energetic variations of living beings.


Scenocosme have exhibited their interactive installation artworks at ZKM Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media, Germany; Museum Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Canada; la Villa Romana, Florenze; Daejeon Museum of Art, Korea; Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, USA; and in many international biennals and festivals: Art Center Nabi/Indaf, Seoul; Biennial Experimenta, Australia; Biacs 3/Biennial International of Contemporary Art of Seville, Spain; Namoc/National Art Museum of China/TransLife/Triennial of Media Art, Beijing; C.O.D.E, Canada; Futuresonic, UK; WRO, Poland; FAD, Brasil; Isea/International Symposium on Electronic Art, Belfast, Istanbul, Albuquerque, Sydney; Exit, Via, Lille3000, Ososphere, Scopitone, Seconde nature, France; File, Brasil; and La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.

Photo above: Copyright and Courtesy of the Artist. Photo below: Copyright Scogin Mayo

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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