Scott Oldner: Fast Food Extinction


The facade of Hall Arts Center or KPMG tower is adorned with vertical lemmings of RGB LED and handle video inputs. A video of a pre-recorded bee hive will be played through the system and interspersed with messaging of our impending demise. Also superimposed will imagery of starving humans.

To see at
KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

Scott Oldner is a visual artist and lighting designer and vegan for all three reasons, health of his body, health of his planet and health of the animals. He also plays lead guitar for Darryl Lee Rush, writes Springsteen, the Clash and Tom Petty flavored brand of his own music with a Texas Twist.

Aurora2015_Scott-Oldner_Fast-Food-Extinction_Photo-credit_Nate Rehlander_courtesy AT&T-Performing-Arts_Center_1

“Our dwindling BEE population threatens the survival of man-kind. If we lose bees, we loose pollination of plants and our major food source and the food source of animals we eat. We are endangered species due to the corporate greed of chemical and seed companies and the government that may just genetically modify us into extinction.”

Photos: Copyright Nate Rehlander, Courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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