Sean Miller: Abri

Video Installation

‘Abri’ refers to a rock shelter or crepuscular cave-like opening found under a waterfall. The work figuratively represents this type of environment as a two-sided projection-mapped structure featuring real time generative digital video feedback ephemera suggesting behaviors of organic elemental forces. This video data is sonified to create auditory accompaniment, which creates a multimodal experience.

‘Abri’ utilizes the wall-space above the structure for a second projection that functions as a window into an infinite virtual image-space, providing a context to situate the structure between the physical and virtual worlds. ‘Abri’ is the third iteration in a series of works including Boreal Lava (2015), and Cascade (2015).

To see at
Dallas City Performance Hall


Sean Miller is an artist working with video, sculpture, installation, live media, performance, and sound art. His work is a synthesis of media, which focuses on themes of living geology by embodying virtual media forms within sculpted architectonic structures inspired by nature.

These works are virtual environments that invite the viewer to experience a feeling of immersion within an artificially constructed yet plausible world. Sean received his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in the spring of 2014. He is currently teaching at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas.

Photo: Copyright Stevan-Koye, Courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

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