St. Elsewhere

Interactive art installation/food/live music

Collaborative event by Ben Lewis, Michael Hathaway, Chad Houser, Greg Petersen, Katherine Clapner, JT Donaldson and House of Plates

Off the path, a lonely chapel awaits. Come inside and expect to see unexplained geometry that goes beyond sacred, beyond normal. A synesthetic union of sound, taste, color and visual mysticism that peels away preconceived notions of what creativity can be. A shattering of artistic stereotype. A cyberpunk. Welcome to ‘St. Elsewhere’. You made it.

To see at
Thanks-Giving Square Chapel
1627 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

Presented by
Café Momentum and → House of Plates

Ben Lewis – The Lost Angles
Co-founder of the Lost Angles and a veteran mixed media artist who has been implementing his skills in various fashions for over 15 years. Ben is a lover of art and music and possesses a refined eye for style and fashion.

Ben lives with a zest for life and an exuberance for the finer elements. As a lead designer with the Lost Angles, Ben is currently a respected consultant and highly sought after in the DFW metroplex for his unique skill set. His past work has included installations at Barney’s New York, Nordstrom, Nike, Stanley Korshak, and Traffic LA.


Michael Hathaway
Michael Hathaway is a multi-faceted artist based in Dallas focusing on the proliferation of his ideas through many different mediums. Michael specializes in 3D game design and immersive experiences. He’s collaborated with several different artists in New York, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco. Combining mysticism and science fiction, his goal is to tweak the perceptions of those that view his work leaving the viewer with the feeling that their own perception of their world has been slightly changed in some fashion for the better.


Chad Houser – Cafe Momentum
Always one to add a little levity to the conversation, Chad often describes Café Momentum as “taking kids out of jail and teaching them to play with knives and fire.” But levity aside, it’s this charisma and passion to teach life, social and employment skills to Dallas’ most at-risk youth that makes Houser a hit with everyone from philanthropists and dinner-goers to the young men participating in the program. After 17 years as a chef, Chad sold his partnership of Parigi Restaurant to devote his full attention the role of Executive Director of Café Momentum in 2012. Chad has received multiple nominations from D Magazine for “Best Up-An-Coming Chef” (2010) and “Best Chef” (2011 and 2012).

Café Momentum’s first brick-and-mortar restaurant opened in January 2015. The restaurant has been featured in local, regional and national media outlets including the The Rachael Ray Show, CBS, The Atlantic and Eater National to name a few.


Greg Petersen – Fill In The Blank
Greg Petersen is the founder and driving force of genius behind Fill in the Blank, an Emmy-Award winning motion graphics and web design company. Greg is a highly touted 3d animator, 3d modeler, motion graphics designer, developer, and graphic designer. His past experiences as CIO at HW Publishing, Broadcast Designer at NBC, and various other design and web development roles, have catapulted Petersen’s career in several creative industries.

Katherine Clapner – Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Chef Katherine Clapner is the visionary of the entire Dude, Sweet Chocolate concept, as well as co-founder, co-owner, and Chef of the company itself. Having over twenty years of experience as a pastry chef, Katherine is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, and on the yoga mat. Prior to founding Dude, Sweet, she served for many years as Executive Pastry Chef at Stephan Pyles restaurant, working directly with Chef/Owner Stephan Pyles, a pioneer of New American Cuisine and legendary founding father of Southwestern Cuisine. The rest of Katherine’s story is no less impressive.


Coming out of the Culinary Institute of America in New York with an associate’s degree in baking and pastry, Katherine headed overseas and got to work. Her first stop in Europe was the Savoy in London, followed a few years later by Hotel Cipriani in Venice. Once back stateside, she worked under the instruction of recognized names such as Chef Charlie Trotter and Chef Kevin Graham. She trained and held Pastry Chef positions at Charlie Trotter’s (Chicago), The Windsor Court Hotel (New Orleans), Stephan Pyles (Dallas), and Ranch 616 (Austin).

Clapner, who now has three stores in Dallas/Fort Worth, a full production kitchen/packaging facility, as well as a fourth store slated for opening in October in Plano, Texas, is usually found in the kitchen surrounded by an apothecaries’ treasure trove of plants, animals, brain molds, and plastic unicorns. She remains an active part of the local food community, consulting and eating with some of Texas’ greatest culinary luminaries.

JT Donaldson
With over 300 productions to his credit and numerous DJ sets all around the globe under his belt, Jt Donaldson left his mark on modern dance music. Originally from Dallas Texas, JT got his start listening to the productions coming out of Chicago, New York and Detroit. JT then headed west to Los Angeles, moved to San Francisco, continued on to Brooklyn, NY, and now resides back in his hometown of Dallas, TX. While his restless nature and nomadic behavior may seem strange to some people, the experiences are what drives this artist to keep being creative and strive for innovation in his music.

JT has performed for commercial clients like Banana Republic for their BR monogram launch in NYC, Fund Raisers for Bravo TV Show hosts Padma Lakshmi as well as holding down a residency at the W Hotel in Union Square and Dallas. Jt is a proud winner of the DOMA-winning “Fresh 45s” series at Crowne & Harp and co-owner of D Magazine Best Record Store in 2015, Josey Records.


House of Plates
“We had gathered in an East Dallas home to have a party before a party when someone asked, ‘What is House of Plates?’ The question grows more common with each soirée thrown by the Dallas group of um, bloggers? Event planners? Mysterious tweeters? Master Instragrammers? They are all those things, yet it doesn’t seem like the answer to the question. ‘Dallas’ party planning committee?’ Given House of Plate’s penchant for mystery, something vague works best as a response.

The House of Plates blog presence has a dash of playlists and a sprinkle of quippy interactions with some of the city’s most interesting chefs, bartenders and baristas, recipes for nights spent in or out in Dallas. On the surface what it seems House of Plates has is good taste. What House of Plates “is” may be a boring question anyway.”

Matt Thompson, owner of the → Wine Poste will provide a wine pairing at ‘St. Elsewhere’.

Photos: Copyright Scogin Mayo

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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