Undervolt & Co.


This collaborative installation between Undervolt & Co. and LZX Industries presents the work of a group of artists closely connected with both institutions. As a manufacturer of boutique, analog video equipment, LZX Industries have encouraged a new generation of artists to discover techniques long left inaccessible to independent artists. An epic pile of analog televisions will present the product of these techniques, with new works by Extreme Animals, Lars Larsen, Brenna Murphy, Alex Peverett, Sabrina Ratté, Jimmy Joe Roche, Yoshi Sodeoka, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, and Johnny Woods. Each piece will embody the dedication to the type of audio-visual interactions that are passionately empowered by LZX Industries and Undervolt & Co., as an equipment manufacturer and distributor, respectively.

Dallas City Performance Hall


Undervolt & Co. is a label for experimental video artists. They are an online, artist-run distribution platform representing a collection of international contemporary video art. With an emphasis on works that explore the connection between image and sound, Undervolt & Co.’s catalogue of affordable, digitally downloadable single and album releases are made accessible to fans and collectors alike.


Undervolt & Co. is committed to supporting artists who earnestly challenge the possibilities of their medium, with the aim to independently establish a significant online video archival institution.

Photos: (above) Copyright Michael Nguyen, (below) Copyright Scogin Mayo

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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