On October 18th, 2013, the 3rd edition of Aurora, themed ‘Light of Convergence’, presented a groundbreaking public art exhibition of interactive video projection, performance, light and sound across 68-acres of Dallas cityscape. Over 90 artworks by both local and international artists transformed the expansive Dallas Arts District into a welcoming and immersive space for art enjoyment and interaction in the public realm.

The iconic architecture of the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre served as a projection screen for Aurora 2013’s featured art installation Blueprints and Perspectives by the art collective 3_Search, a forest of LED bulbs was created for Audiopixel’s installation Arbor Borealis, and Shane Pennington’s Points of Life presented an awe-inspiring stage-curtain made from a programmable grid of LED lights, combined with the live music performance of Jazz vocalist Kally Price, accordionist Dan Cantrell and double bassist Daniel Fabricant.

With over 30,000 attendees at the free and public event, Aurora 2013 was widely successful in illuminating its audience with conversation and creative exchange.

For the first time in 2013, Aurora included an educational component, the Aurora Artist Talk, organized by The Dallas Morning News. Participants of the talk included New York artist John Ensor Parker and curator Leo Kuelbs of 3_Search, who created along with Glowing Bulbs the massive light-art projection, Blueprints and Perspectives. Interviewed by Dr. Charissa N. Terranova, they discussed on the history, meaning and physics of light art, and unearthed the significance of light installation in the context of contemporary public art today.


The consistent expansion of the Aurora project and programming is a testament to how successful partnerships can enhance artistic experience on a local and global level. Many warm and heartfelt thanks to all of our donors and in-kind contributors as well as the individuals who helped to bring Aurora 2013 to life.

Participating artists
Aaron Wilson, AudioPixel
Alan Dunning & Paul Woodrow
Alejandra Avalos, Carolina Mont UTB
Alfredo Salazar-Caro
Alison Jardine
Angel Cabrales
Anne Katrine Senstad
Big Thought & Booker T
Bike Friendly Cedars
Booker T Washington
Brad Ford Smith
Brittany Ransom & Melissa Tran
BTW Students
Carmen Menza
Carolina Mont UTB
Carolyn Sortor
Christopher Gonzales
Cindy Thomas
Claire Ashley
Don Relyea
Dwayne Carter
Eduardo Valeriano UTB
Eric Trich
Erik & Scott/Nicole Horn
Frank Campagna
Galleri Urbane Dallas & Marfa
German Juarez UTB
Hal Samples
Jacobus Capone
James Clar
Jason Presley Marsh
Jeff Sharpe & Bill Burgess
Jeffrey Curtis
Jeremy McKane
Johannes Boekhoudt
John Barker
Joshua King
June Covington
Justin Ginsberg
Karine Fleurima
Kayla Escobedo
Kris Swenson
Kyle Kondas & Danielle Georgiou
Letitia Huckaby
Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub
Mackenzie McMahon
Mari Hidalgo
Maria Lozano UTB
Mattheiu Brooks (aka VJ Anomolee
Max Dean, Raffaello D’Andrea, Matt Donovan
Michael Christopher Matson
Milan Bender
Millicent Johnnie, Ira Greenberg, Skull & Bones Collective, & CCC, SMU
Mona Kasra
Morehshin Allahyari, Andrew Blanton
Nicholas Mayfield–BTW
Peter William Holden
Shane Pennington, Kally Price, Dan Cantrell, Daniel Fabricant
Randy Roberts Potts
RE Cox and Jeff Gibbons
Ren Rowland
Robin Myrick and Willie Baronet
Sara Lovas
Sara Sun
Sean Miller
Simon Longo/Dithernoise
Simple Civilian (A.I.R. CAMP)
Slik Stockings & Emily Loving
Terry Ward a.k.a. GrumpyVisualArtist
The Color Condition
Timothy Harding & Gregory Ruppe
Tiny Thumbs
Tony Collins
Tramaine Townsend
Trent Straughan
Bianca Camarillo UTB
Walk the Light

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