Shane Pennington & Joshua King

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The Central Campus section, taking place through Flora Street between Crocket and Jack Evans, will be curated this year by Aurora Co-Founders Shane Pennington and Joshua King. The section takes its inspiration from the overall Aurora 2015 curatorial theme ‘All Together Now’, and focuses on the concept of synaesthesia – a union of the senses – by presenting works that heighten the senses with unexpected visuals, tactility and sound.

The artworks on view will use multi-media technology to explore the visceral intersections of touch, light and sound (Scenocosme). They will present moments of visual disorientation, an almost hallucinatory neuro-aesthetic display (Blackout), otherwordly Afrofuturist vocals (Francine Thirteen) and much more.

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AT&T Performing Arts Center
Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre
KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts

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Dallas Arts District

Shane Pennington’s (Aurora Co-Founder/Creative Director) work engages the balance, and fragility, of essential dichotomies. Between the ephemeral and the enduring, nature and the human construct, Pennington’s subjects are often skewed metaphorically and physically, prompting the viewer to contemplate moments in time from an alternate perspective. His use of many media and textures, from chromed copper wire sculptures, paintings, 3D printing, to digital video, allows for a diverse artistic language. The resultant works conjure an energy that reflects upon life, death and universal consciousness.

Pennington was a recipient of the ‘New Dallas Nine’ award from D Magazine in 2009 and has exhibited internationally at the Paddington Contemporary Gallery in Sydney, Australia and at Sur la Montagne, Berlin. He also counts many world-recognized institutions and corporations among his collectors, including Alana in Sydney, The Gaedeke Group, Caldwell Cassady & Curry, Autonomy, The Regis Corporation, Dallas City Hall, The Dallas City Performance Hall, TEDxSMU, and JP Morgan Chase, by whom he was commissioned to install his work in the lobby of their flagship tower in Dallas.

Joshua King’s (Aurora Co-Founder/Executive Director) artwork brings new intensity and expression to sought-after objects that are grounded within our relationship to the everyday. His love for life and culture within a community lead him to being one of the three co-founders of Aurora. His personal exhibitions include materials that redefine the space in which they engender, including styrofoam, plaster, paper and hair. With influences from Fred Sandbeck, Sol Lewitt and Tom Friedman, Kings artwork challenges the viewer to pay attention and with the success of The Aurora Project the culture of Dallas is rapidly emerging to international heights. His photography received the grand prize in The Dallas Morning News Show Me Your Dallas competition. His 2012 installation Two Hydrogen One Oxygen was installed at Dallas City Performance Hall, for TedxSMU. King was raised in Lubbock, Texas; he lives and works in Dallas.

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Art Conspiracy
Bike Friendly Cedars
Jevan Chowdery
DGDG, Slik Stockings, The Color Condition
John Dombroski
Erica Felicella
Laserist Tom Harman
Rick Hutton
Liss LaFleur
Jim Lively
Fabiano Mixo
Scott Oldner
Jeremy Shaw
Francine Thirteen

The Central Campus section will also include Aurora 2015 special project → Sense Coalescence. This larger than life, site-specific 3D Mapping Installation will project onto the Dee and Charles Wylie Theatre and is presented by the creative team from Glowing Bulbs, along with Curator Leo Kuelbs and Artist John Ensor Parker aka 3_Search in collaboration with Opera Singer Elise Caluwearts and Composer Joris Blankeart.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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