3_Search: Sense/Coalescence

3D Mapping installation

Returning to Aurora 2015, the collaborative group behind 3_Search explore a multi-sensory meeting point in their large-scale exhibition ‘Sense/Coalescence’, presented on the Wyly Building for one night. Curator Leo Kuelbs, with John Ensor Parker and the Glowing Bulbs creative group, team up with composer Joris Blanckaert, performer Elise Caluwaerts, DJ Alex Hamadey, and mappers Bordos, and Dandelion and Burdock, to probe the phenomenon of ‘synaesthesia’, where senses elicit sympathetic responses from other senses. Dynamic visuals and vocals interact and respond to each other – a set of mapping is answered by pieces of Opera singing – all combining to represent universal interdependency and connectedness.

To see at
Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

Section within the
Dallas Arts District

3_Search consists of Curator Leo Kuelbs, John Ensor Parker and the creative group Glowing Bulbs.

Leo Kuelbs, curator of The Leo Kuelbs Collection in New York, draws on his background in mass communication, theatre, press, and business, to create a range of internationally renowned video art. In addition to his mapping presentation at Aurora 2013, ‘Blueprints and Perspectives’, his expansive oeuvre includes award-winning programs for Dom Perignon, Tiffany and Company, as well as multiple public art presentations on the Manhattan Bridge and fine art presentations in various galleries across Europe and the USA. Kuelbs is the lead curator of ‘Sense/Coalescence’ as well as the ‘Light Year’ projection project in Brooklyn, USA and the Projekt Almanak Gallery in Berlin.


John Ensor Parker is a Mapping Curator and artist whose work draws on both analytical and primitive processes. In addition, he makes large-scale public arts projects.

Glowing Bulbs, lead by Farkas Fülöp, Gábor Kitzinger and Tamaś Zádor, are a Budapest/New York-based Sound Reactive and VJ Visuals team that have created and presented dozens of renowned projection mapped events for close to 20 years, across Europe and the USA.

Composer Joris Blanckaert has written and presented three operas between 2010 and 2013. With a background in Civil Engineering, his work enables opportunities for deeper thought, feeling and connection, whilst effecting a shifting balance of classic and contemporary – surprising, fresh and dramatic.

Performer Coloratura Elise Caluwaerts is an Antwerp-based singer, whose vocal repertoire includes Baroque style, romance music, opera and contemporary compositions. This expansive range has led to her participation in several special roles, as well as various collaborations with Blanckaert on opera projects.


Alex Hamadey is a Brooklyn-based DJ and Sound Designer, who approaches his creation of ambient house and pop music with a hands-on approach, using synthesizers, drum machines and more. His experience includes regular collaborations with Glowing Bulbs and the Leo Kuelbs Collection.

Mapping artist Bordos has been an integral part of the development of video-mapping on an international scale, from large-scale mapping and marketing events across Europe, to top class public art exhibitions worldwide. Bordos is also well known for his collaborative team, BordosArtWorks.

Dandelion and Burdock are a London-based mapping artist duo that typically focus on super-detailed and intense marketing events. Their deep connection to the d3 server system, superior in video-mapped presentations, has added an array of experience and expanded understanding of the nature of the ever-evolving relationship between technology and creative visual arts.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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