Herman Kolgen: Unwind

Light Sculpture

In Kolgen’s piece ‘Unwind’ harmony and union is uncharacteristically illustrated between pairs of living organisms. A natural object, in the form of a tree, is provided with an artificial respiration system that is slowly breathing in conjunction with the outside real time wind and the audience that surrounds it. A lighting system coordinates with a pulse of the natural surrounding environment and the other living organisms with in it to create a whole experience.

To see at:
AT&T Performing Arts Center

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An acclaimed multidisciplinary artist with more than two decades of experience in media arts, Herman Kolgen lives and works in Montreal. An audio-kinetic sculptor, he draws his raw material from the intimate relationship between sound and image. Kolgen creates pieces that take on the form of installations, video, performance and sound sculptures.

Kolgen’s works have most notably been presented at the Venice Biennale, Shanghai E-Arts, Berlin’s Transmediale, Ars Electronica, Isea, The Georges Pompidou Centre, Cimatics Dissonanze, Mutek, Elektra, Sonar, Tapei Digital Arts And. He has also performed with Paris’ Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Herman Kolgen has been awarded many prestigious prizes, including Ars Electronica, Qwartz and The New York And Los Angeles Independent Film Festivals’ Best Experimental Film. From 1996 to 2008, he devoted much of his creative output to the Skoltz_Kolgen Duo.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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