Ujoo+limheeyoung: Temptation of the Dancing Mask – Dark eating machine

Kinetic Sculpture

‘The Dark Eating Machine’ is made with masks that summon darkness. It moves its numerous teeth in the dark, emitting powerful light to absorb the energy of the darkness. The dark energy that flows in the dark is absorbed by a powerful light source, and once enough has been accumulated that no more can be added, it forms a black hole. Originators 1 and 2 anticipate that it can serve as a channel connecting with another world.

To see at
AT&T Performing Arts Center


The work of Ujoo+limheeyoung starts out of fictional stories. They tell absurd, nonsensical stories; stories about the unknowable; stories about things that go unseen in reality.
When reality begins to seem meaningless and irrational, where situations in utter opposition to any justifiable ideas or standards or contrary to reason repeat over and over, this shows a contradiction and gap with the reality that they desire.
It’s not about creating some direct record or description of the uncomfortable images witnessed in this reality so much as it is about evoking fictional characters and stories. It could be described as using imagined stories to fill the hole that arises from the gap between what Ujoo+limheeyoung seek and the reality.
In other words, the adding of fictional stories to an uncomfortable-seeming reality is a way of reconstructing it into a new reality carrying something essential in it.

Ujoo+limheeyoung is the husband-and-wife team of media artists Ujoo (the husband, born 1976) and Limheeyoung (the wife, born 1979). Since first working together in 2004 in preparation for a design competition, they have been involved in projects that use a variety of means of visual expression – kinetic sculpture, drawings, real-time interactive videos – to address the theme of making fantasy real.

A biennial public art event of light, video and sound.

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