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Please email → Anna Russ, Berlin Art Link, Berlin, for press-related questions to artist and international press.

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2015 Press Releases:
September 21, viagra 60mg 2015 ? Sponsors Lining Up With Support for Aurora Signature Cultural Event Attracting Diverse Backing
September 21, 2015 ? Fifth Group of Aurora Artists Announced from Section 2, curated by Tim Goossens
September 11, 2015 ? Fourth Group of Aurora Artists Announced from Section 3, curated by Carson Chan
September 2, 2015 ? Third Group of Aurora Artists Announce from Section curated by Aja Martin
August 31, 2015 ? Second Group of Aurora Artists Announced from Section curated by Julia Kaganskiy
August 28, 2015 ? Aurora Wants Your Photos: Memory Lane Exhibit
August 24, 2015 ? 80 Artists Selected For Aurora, First Group of Aurora Artists Announced from Section Curated by Aurora Co-Founders
May 29, 2015 ? Aurora Returns to Dallas Arts District in October